Making a Good Impression with Professional Business Cards

by Francis Lucas on September 30, 2011

Business Card

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The first time you meet a client, a business card is your first exchange with him. In this case, your business card should be able to present a professional image of your company and leave a good and lasting impression on the client. Though you may want to save money on your marketing tools, you cannot afford to scrimp on your business cards because to do so would affect your impression and future relationships with potential clients.

The Importance of Design in Business Card Printing

When making your business cards, think hard about what you want it to look like. The design is very important. You want to have business cards that are as unique as your company is. At one glance, you should be able to capture your client’s attention and be able to tell him what it is that puts you above other competitors.

For a start-up company, you may not have the skills to create professional looking business cards. You may want to try the different templates being offered by online printing companies. They have a lot of designs to choose from. If you want, you can also ask them to make a customized business card for you. It’s easy to see what they can come up with because of the Internet. They can send you proofs and you can immediately give them your feedback via email. You just have to make sure about their conditions for proofs and rechecking.

Making a Statement with Your Business Card

Nowadays, business cards are more than just plain paper that contains your numbers – they’re a statement. You can find business cards that are magnetic. Some are really made to be more durable than others. Imagine, some even have plastic covers on them and even UV Coating! Of course, the more additions you make to your business cards, the higher the cost of production. You have to weigh the cost against the value of getting your professional-looking, durable business cards.

One good thing though is that business cards are easily printed because they’re small. However, you need to double check if your business card printing company specifies a minimum number of pieces. If you already maintain an account with a printing services company, you can even opt for same day printing and delivery because they can immediately access your records and print from there (assuming you already had business cards made). That’s one advantage of digital printing for business cards.

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