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Business Cards

Nothing beats the simplicity of a business card. It is easy to create, carry and disseminate among your clients. Unlike other printed and non-printed promotional materials that last for only a limited time, a business card serves its purpose longer than most promotional items. If the card is professionally designed and printed, its durable nature makes it even more powerful than it already is.

FA Daniels Can Design and Print Your Business Cards!

A business card should be as informative as it is attractive. It represents the business/individual whose name is imprinted on the business card, so it is only necessary that the card is well-designed and printed using state-of-the-art ink and printers, without any misspellings and other mistakes such as excessive use of colors.

FA Daniels is a Los Angeles printing company that will make sure that each business card you will be giving out is well-printed, aesthetically appealing and free from errors—guaranteed!

Our business card printing services will arouse interest in your viewers’ minds. We can design cards that generate curiosity, widen your reach and provide opportunity to increase your customer base. We make all these truly possible by including all essential details in the card and designing it in an impressive manner. After all, who would like to keep an ugly business card inside their wallet?

Business Card as a Marketing Tool

A business card is a cost-effective marketing tool that tells potential customers what services you offer, and how to contact you. Qualities such as typeface, color range and type of finish contribute to the impression your business card creates on your customers. At FA Daniels, quality printing is just a click away. Whether you are a start-up company or an established one, your business cards will be delivered according to your specifications and with the professional veneer you require.

  • Your business cards can be delivered starting at 100 pieces
  • No coating on Silk Cover stock of premium Un-Coated stock
  • Full-color or with Pantone Colors
  • Shiny UV Gloss Coating
  • Matte/Dull Coating
  • Linen Cover
  • Laminated Cover
  • Spot UV Laminated
  • Plastic Cover
  • Letter-Pressed business cards
  • Magnetic Business Cards
  • Rush orders allowed at affordable prices

We also offer a wide variety of finishings such as:

  • Foil Stamping
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Die-Cutting

Business cards are Practical and Inexpensive!

Business cards, also called calling cards, are one of the oldest forms of business promotions, yet they remain popular even in today’s high-tech world. A business card complements other modern marketing methods such as websites and encourages potential customers to keep in touch.

Business cards are practical and convenient. They can be carried anywhere at all times, which means that they can be given out to potential clients any time the need arises. It also saves you time in having to write down important business information. They are practical for recipients as well—they can easily be placed in the pocket or wallet without being too obtrusive.

Along with being practical, business cards are also inexpensive. Compared to other marketing materials, business cards are able to deliver significant value.

Business Cards are Informative and Effective!

A business card provides a lot of vital information in a compact format and design. Other types of marketing media are only viewed by customers, and then filed/thrown away. Business cards are usually kept in a wallet for later use. They can contain a variety of information ranging from coupons, special discounts and contact information.

Even as promotional tools online have emerged, business cards are still used as a reliable marketing tool. This is because no matter how much media technology has evolved in the past years, a significant amount of businesses still conduct their interactions in person. Business cards help people as businesses and individuals continue to exchange information face to face.

This tiny form of advertising represents a business through words and design. In a way, a well-designed and well-printed card helps your business stand out among the crowd. It represents honesty, reliability and trustworthiness. Once you give out a business card, a prospective customer has higher chances of getting contacted once the need for a certain service/product (that is related to your business) arises.

Business Card for Networking, Advertising and Business Services

A business card can help you widen your network in a cost-effective way. Introduce yourself through your business card so that potential clients know what you can do them. By having a few business cards on hand, you are always ready to widen circle.

Business cards can also be used for advertising purposes. You can place them in beauty shops, libraries, supermarkets and anywhere else people would want to contact your business. If you are a contractor, you can also pass them on to supply stores and hardware stores.

Always keep some copies of your business card in your wallet and include it in all your correspondence. When you fill out an estimate, attach a copy of your business card. If you meet with an accountant, visit your dentist, doctor or lawyer, give them your business card that should contain your contact information, website and email address. This way, you get to benefit from one another.

Call us today at 800-454-5414 and get your business cards printed right away!

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