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Booklets (Self-Cover)


The term “BOOKLET” is used when a booklet is “self-cover”, meaning that stock is the same for inside pages and outside cover pages. Most common stocks are 100# gloss text, 100# dull text or 70# un-coated opaque offset text. You may need quotes on other kind(s) of paper, please mention it in our REQUEST FOR QUOTE.

Depending on the quantity of your order, we may print DIGITALLY (for smaller quantities & SAME DAY/NEXT DAY) or OFFSET printing, for large quantities. Depending on details, Offset Printing may take from 3 working days to 10 working days.

For additional information, you’re welcome to call us. Some sample of pricing are:

  • For Digital Printing, SAME DAY/NEXT DAY, 8 pager, self cover, 8.5×11”: $127/50, $191/100 & $325/200
  • For Offset Printing, 3 to 5 Working Days, 8 pager, self cover, 8.5×11”: $290/500, $324/1000



Are you looking to have booklets, manuals, small catalogs, newsletters, directories and handbooks printed? With F.A. Daniels, it is now possible to produce beautifully crafted booklets for your advertising and marketing needs. Whether it be a large or small order, your requirements will be attended to, down to the last detail. Our professional eye for detail extends to the wide range of paper stocks and binding options that you can choose from. We can saddle stitch, wire bind, perfect bind or ring bind any of your booklets based on the quantity of paper and the look you prefer. If you are not sure what binding options are suitable for your booklet, please read the brief descriptions below.

  • Saddle Stitching is perfect for lower page counts and is suitable for catalogs used in retail.
  • Wire Binding suits manuals and presentations because booklets stay flat when in use.
  • Because the paper is cut, aligned and glued together; most catalogs, manuals, annual reports and anything that requires a professional look will benefit from Perfect Binding.
  • The 3-hole-punched loose leaf pages in booklets with Ring Binding make it easy to reorganize and prioritize evolving written content.

Booklet Printing Made Easy with FA Daniels

Booklets remain to be one of the best ways to advertise products today. They allow businesses to professionally feature products to a specific audience. It’s a targeted kind of marketing that helps companies boost sales. It is a handy way of sharing vital information in a distinctive and attractive format.

A booklet is often used as:

    • Product Catalog
    • Directory
    • Employee Manual
    • Event Promgram
    • Cookbook
    • Instruction Manual
    • Membership Directory
    • Policy Manual
    • Training Manual
    • Reference Guide
    • Handbook
    • User Manual

While you can always settle with cheap booklet printing services, there is a world of difference when you choose our booklet printing services here at FA Daniels. Besides the fact that our prices are competitive, you are also guaranteed with high quality products and services. Why settle for cheap when you can get the best at a competitive price?

Booklet printing doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive or confusing!

It shouldn’t take weeks or months to complete the design, layout and production of booklets—at least not here at FA Daniels. We have all the solutions for your booklet printing needs. When you work with us, you simply have the file ready or we will have it ready for you, and then we proceed with printing right away! The best thing is that we do not only help you save time, but money as well. With print on demand, we do not require any minimum orders. We will only print the exact number of booklets that you need. This saves you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, and also saves you the space and cost required for storing items you will not be using.

Advantages of Booklet Advertising

While brochure advertising is highly effective, what happens when it is not large enough to squeeze in the details of your products/services? A printed booklet is the solution. While using a brochure is more economical, a booklet allows you to showcase your brand in a more detailed way. Also, a booklet has a longer shelf life and is kept by customers for longer periods. As to attracting more clients, booklets provide a higher quality look that attracts potential customers.

Last but not the least, a booklet is an effective medium of communication between a business and its customers. Booklets are portable, so they can be easily stored, hand carried and used anywhere. Through condensed content, booklets make information easy to understand.

FA Daniels Can Design Your Booklet!

If you do not have the tools, you are pressed with time or you are simply not sure how to begin, allow us to design your booklet! Our graphic designers can come up with the perfect design and layout for your booklet.


Contact us today at 800-454-5414 and let’s get started!