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Stock for bookmark is usually a 14 or 16 points cover stock. For smaller quantities we print DIGITALLY but for large quantities we use OFFSET PRINTING. With OFFSET PRINTING (quantities of 500 and above) you have a choice of adding Shiny UV coating or Dull/Matte coating. If you have other paper stock in mind, just let us know when you send your REQUEST FOR A QUOTE. Some sample of pricing are:

  • For Digital Printing, SAME DAY/NEXT DAY, 1.5×7”: $40/100 & $50/100
  • For Offset Printing, 3 to 5 Working Days, 1.5×7”: $41/500, $51/1000


Bookmark Printing

Looking for a new way to communicate with your audience? Bookmarks are one of the most economical and effective corporate giveaways/souvenirs you can give your employees or customers. Bookmarks are particularly effective if you want to capture the attention of readers. This advertising tool can easily promote your business in a cost-effective way. The best thing about bookmarks is that they can serve more than one purpose. They can contain coupons, discounts, calendars and even product quotations, Bookmarks are also not disposed very easily because readers make use of them.

FA Daniels’ Bookmark Printing Services

Bookmarks are a clever way to always keep your message in front of your target audience. Bookmarks are useful to the end user therefore giving them an inherent advantage against other marketing mediums. This provides more impressions and added retention value.

Our Digital Press can create short run quantities and quick turnaround while never compromising on quality. Our offset presses can create mass quantities of high color quality bookmarks perfect for your next branding project. Our corporate clients love the quality of our offset process for their marketing campaigns while small business owners in our community delight in our quick turnaround short run solutions. For your next bookmark printing project in Los Angeles check us out.

Bookmarks come in different sizes. The standard size is 2” x 7.5”, but you can easily customize it to any size, as long as it does not exceed 8.5” x 11”. With our bookmark printing, you may choose to have them printed on a thick card applied with matte or gloss.

Our Bookmarks are printed on thick stock with shiny UV coating on the color side(s)

    • Custom Jobs: For other quantities, paper types, 1 or 2 color printings, other finishings such as foil or embossing please call our customer service or fill out our custom quote form provided on our site.
    • Turnaround: It will take 4-7 business days to produce your order after approved proof or from the order date if no proof is requested.The cut off time for submision of art or approval of the art is 9:00AM Pacific Time. Please add the selected shipping option time to the turnaround time.
    • Proofs: PDF proofs are provided at no extra charge upon your request and paper proofs are available at an extra charge.
    • Rush Jobs: To meet a specific deadline. please call our live customer service.

Bookmarks as a Marketing Tool

Bookmarks can serve as a unique flyer and a useful item that customers can really use. They are often associated with intellect, so it makes them a targeted marketing tool for a certain group of customers. Here at FA Daniels, we provide fast turnaround time, different size options, different paper stock options and print options for your bookmarks.

    • Here’s why you should be including bookmarks into your marketing strategy:


    • • They comfortably fit your pocket, which means they can be easily carried anywhere, by anyone


    • • Bookmarks are often perceived as more than a promotion or gift.


    • • Many people have a need for several bookmarks because people of all ages read a number of books every year.


    • • Lastly, it has an obvious connection with intelligence, learning and education. When you equate a bookmark with your business, you automatically create an impression of experience and professionalism for your brand.


    • Bookmarks are effective marketing tools for:


    • • Educators, libraries, colleges, museums, learning centers and galleries


    • • Religious sect, charities, community groups


    • • Marketing businesses and social media


    • • Publishers, newspapers, magazines


    • • Financial companies such as banks


    • • Medical, development, technical and scientific companies


Turning Bookmarks into an Active Marketing Tool

Tucked inside and taken away by a favourite book, your business name will be seen over and over again if it is imprinted on a bookmark. Although flyers are effective in getting your message out fast and easy, a bookmark has a few more advantages that a traditional flyer does not offer.

When people think about bookmarks, they view them as simple “placeholders”. However, bookmarks are much more than that. They are powerful marketing tools that can be used for brand recognition through repetition. More than that, you can go beyond this and turn bookmarks into an active marketing tool by applying some additional techniques.

Die Cut Bookmarks

Bookmarks are taken to places—to the library, to school, to the bus stop on the way to work, to the park and anywhere else where people read. An artistic die cut bookmark can turn into an active marketing tool by attracting people’s attention. By stirring imaginations, your bookmark’s message will easily spread like wildfire.

Coupons, Discounts and Special Offers

Discounts, coupons and special offers imprinted on your bookmark encourage people to keep it and take action. Your bookmark coupon could feature a free product giveaway, 10 or 20 percent off an interesting book or other item, or a special offer that will entice readers.

Response Cards

When you turn a bookmark into a response card to a valuable prize that is relevant to the field of your business, it encourages people to use it and take advantage of the prize that is waiting for them. You could also offer a significant discount to a product by referring a friend through the response card.

Companies or individuals looking out to printing bookmarks for a reasonable price are welcome to contact FA Daniels directly at 800-454-5414. We can provide you with cost effective and high quality bookmark printing services!


Contact us today at 800-454-5414 and let’s get started with your bookmark printing project!