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Business Cards


For SAME DAY/NEXT DAY, choice of stock is 14 points coated or un-coated cover stock. Sample of pricing is:

For DIGITAL Printing, SAME DAY/NEXT DAY,  2×3.5”, printed on one side: $40/100, $47/200 & $50/250

For OFFSET Printing, there are many varieties of stocks and finishes, such as, 100# Linen cover, 14 points un-coated cover, 14 points with matte/dull coating or with shiny UV coating, Spot Shiny UV coating, Raised Spot Shiny UV coating, with Akuafoil or Foil Stamp. Also available are suede covers (soft touch), Silk Laminated cards, Luster cards, Pearl cards, Painted Edge cards & Sandwich cards.

Pricing starts from $22/500, printed on one or both sides on 14 points cover stock with matte/dull coating or shiny UV coating.


Nothing beats the simplicity of a business card. It is easy to create, carry and disseminate among your clients. Unlike other printed and non-printed promotional materials that last for only a limited time, a business card serves its purpose longer than most promotional items. If the card is professionally designed and printed, its durable nature makes it even more powerful than it already is.