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Stock for MAGNET is 17 points thick and comes with overall shiny UV coating. For CAR MAGNETs are printed on heavy-duty, thick 30 mil material and does not have a UV coating. Sample pricing is as follows. Please contact for any size and quantity you need:

  • For indoor magnets, turnaround time is 3 to 5 Working Days: Size: 2×3.5”: $73/250 & $125/500
  • For car magnets, turnaround time is 3 to 5 Working Days: Size: 9×12”: $20 for 1 & $30 for 2


F.A. Daniels Offers the Best Car Magnet Printing in Los Angeles!

Are you looking for an innovative yet cost-effective way to advertise your business and increase awareness for your organization? Car magnets serve as mobile advertisements that will drive advertising, marketing or awareness campaigns for your business or organization. If you are looking to capture a bigger audience for your advertising or organizational messages, car magnets will certainly gain more ground for your business.

FA Daniels offers car magnets in different sizes that are made from flexible magnetic material!

Get noticed on the road and even in your own driveway with our high-strength, laminated car magnets. This marketing tool is best for contractors and professionals—you can put them on your construction equipment, trailers or rental gear and remove them easily when your car is “not in service”.

Car Magnets that Last

With affordable printed car magnets from FA Daniels, your vehicle can easily become a travelling billboard. We customize car magnets with your business logo, captivating photos, phone number, website URL or whatever you want your target audience to see. Here at FA Daniels, we can create them in just minutes!

FA Daniels provides 100% satisfaction guarantee for our car magnets. We print them in full color with a free gloss finish. So turn your van, truck, car or trailer into a moving advertisement today! We provide a reliable overnight printing and delivery services in Los Angeles!

Why Use A Car Magenet?

Start-up business entrepreneurs often find themselves using a lot of personal assets to be able to run a business. Although this isn’t always a problem, it may become a problem in the future. For instance, decals and logos do not have to be painted permanently to your car. Not only would it be embarrassing if you had to go to a personal meeting—they are also tricky to remove, and may even cause some damage to the car paint.

Car magnets give you the freedom of placing your brand for others to see—only when you need it. It allows you to maintain the value of your car while helping you market your business.

Contact us today at 800-454-5414 and learn about our car magnet printing services!