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Catalogs (Text+Cover)


The term “catalog” is used when booklets have a thicker cover stock than the inside text stock. As such, for example, for a total of 24 pages, we call is 20 pager + cover, which is 24 pages. Most common stock for cover is 100# gloss cover and the text to be 100# gloss text. Some samples for pricing for both digital & offset are as follows:

  • For Digital Printing, SAME DAY/NEXT DAY, 12 pager + cover (total of 16 pages), final size: 8.5×11”: $272/50 & $431/100
  • For Offset Printing, 3 to 5 Working: $1052/500 & $1172/1000



A catalog is your communications, advertising and marketing tool all rolled into one. Because a potential customer can browse through the pages undisturbed, a catalog may also serve as a no-pressure sales assistant.

Here at FA Daniels, we take these things seriously for our catalog printing services:

  • Print Quality
  • Paper Quality
  • Marketing features like sell sheets and coupons.

F.A. Daniels will provide you with catalogs that have:

    • High resolution images that are easy on your potential customer’s eyes.
    • Full-color printing that effectively captures the vividness of your seasonal or theme catalogs
    • Binding systems that can go beyond discreet stapling if you prefer your catalogs bound with plastic or metal spirals to make page-turning easier


Why a Printed Catalog?

Dozens of catalogs probably show up in your mailbox every week. A lot of people get surprised that catalogs still exist, but if you think about it, printed material is tactile. Although turning pages over can be laborious to some, reading a printed catalog is almost passive. You can hold them in your hands, put it down and pick it up again a few days after. It often stays in a home for weeks, which means that compared to other forms of marketing strategies, it serves its purpose longer.

Even with everyone in front of their computers nowadays, billions of catalogs are still being mailed—and that is because even to this day, this marketing tool still works!

Most often, customers demand information in detail. With product catalogs, you no longer need to worry about trying to fit all information in a very limited space. Custom printed catalogs with different sizes, papers, formats and finishing can be used for distinctive catalog designs.

Catalog Mailing Services

Here at FA Daniels, we handle all technical skills, giving you more time to create a catalog that SELLS. We can handle the designing, printing and mailing of the catalogs directly to your clients and prospects in Hollywood, Los Angeles or anywhere else. With our services, we leave you with nothing else to worry about! Contact us today to find out just how easy catalog printing can be!