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Greeting Cards


For SAME DAY/NEXT DAY printing, please contact us for your choice of paper stock and/or size. For Offset printing (3 to 5 Working Days), we have “specials”, please see some pricing samples below:

For Offset Printing, 3 to 5 Working Days, stock is 14 points cover stock, size is 10×7” (with score line to fold to 5×7”): $160/100 & $214/500


Welcome to FA Daniels—where you can personalize and print your favorite holiday, birthday, and everyday greetings!

Although greeting cards are often associated with holiday marketing tools, they can actually be used for several other purposes. A greeting card’s personal touch makes it one of the most ideal medium for connecting with clients in an “intimate” kind of way. Greeting cards are part of some of the most successful businesses today as they boost customer loyalty and help build trust.

Produced using top-of-the-line equipment that undergo daily color calibration and high quality materials, FA Daniels’ greeting cards give people a sense of sincerity and warmth, which helps your business stand out from the competition. They also allow you to create a professional, yet customer-friendly image for your brand.

Greeting cards are a sure way of connecting with people. Short and uplifting messages assure all your contacts that they are appreciated. Here at FA Daniels, you can choose from different greeting card categories so the appropriate message is sent to that specific person in your life.

  • Holiday
  • Anniversary
  • Sympathy
  • Thank You
  • Welcome
  • Congratulations