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Stock for postcards is either 14 points or 16 points. Usually, for SAME DAY/NEXT DAY stock is 14 points and since it’s printed digitally, there’s no additional finishing. If 3 to 5 working days turnaround time suits your purpose, 16 points is recommended and there is choice for a Matte/Dull Coating or a Shiny UV coating. Sizes are 4×6”, 5×7”, 5.5×8.5”, 6×9”, 6×11” & 6×12”. Some sample pricing follows:

  • For Digital Printing, SAME DAY/NEXT DAY: Size is 4×6”: $40/50, $50/100
  • For Offset Printing, 3 to 5 Working Days: Size is 4×6”: $72/500, $82/1000



Do you want to provide a quick snapshot of your business and stand out among competitors? Postcards are the most dynamic way to go, as they are one of the most effective YET least expensive tools to generate sales.

At F.A. Daniels we offer postcard printing services that prove cost-effective without stinting on design aspects and over-all quality. We provide:

  • High Image Quality – All postcard prints are equally as vibrant as the next.
  • Variety of paper stock choices (such as Silk cover, Classic Crest cover, gloss cover, 14 points or 16 point cover and linen cover)
  • Variety of finishing (such as no coating, shiny UV coating, Matte/Dull coating, silk lamination, etc.)

Postcards can serve as one of the best messengers for your business. You can use them to introduce yourself, your company or your business in front of potential clients. This small piece of paper can hold critical information about your business and serve as a primary source of contact for existing and potential clients.

Why Choose FA Daniels for Postcard Printing

The quality of printing is one thing to consider when choosing a printing company. There is a world of difference between “average” postcards and quality postcards designed and printed in a professional manner. It is never an option to compromise the quality of your business postcards just to save money.

Here at FA Daniels, we adopt innovative technologies of printing postcards, such as UV coated printing, silk laminated printing and SPOT UV printing. The look and finish of postcards printed using these technologies can be surprisingly and exceptionally good.

While you may think of compromising the quality for the amount of savings you can get, think again. High quality printing is not always expensive—at least not here in FA Daniels. We offer affordable prices for our postcard printing services and we guarantee you that. Our prices are competitive and you get high quality printing without having to pay for too much.

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