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by Francis Lucas on November 4, 2011

Here’s something you might not know: In the UK, as well as in other parts of the world, billboards are known as hoardings or hoarding displays. Now, we don’t know exactly why that fascinates us but we’re just going to “blame” it on the fact that billboards or hoardings (tee-hee!) are by nature, entertaining.

Speaking of entertainment, below are some amazingly creative billboards recognized by various award-giving bodies including CLIO Awards, OBIE Awards, John Caples International Awards, and more.

Bond & Bond: Fridge Magnet Billboard


Named as one of the 2010 Gold Winners of the prestigious John Caples International Awards, this giant fridge magnet billboard is the brainchild of Draftfcb’s New Zealand team. We suggest you check out how this outdoor ad actually works by viewing the video here or here, as the picture doesn’t really do justice to the brilliance of the concept.

BMW Light Wall – Reflection

 Created by the Serviceplan Gruppe Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG for BMW / M3 Coupe, this billboard won a New York Festivals(r) Silver World Medal under the Best Use of Medium/Billboards category. The ad, which was displayed at the Hamburg airport, was actually a 50 x 2m light wall right smack in the middle of the arrivals hall.

Kleenex: Yes-No


Not only did this billboard win the Cannes Lions 2010 Press Bronze, it also bagged the Cannes Lions 2010 Outdoor Billboards & Street Furniture Gold award. Created by JWT, London, United Kingdom, this ad had Russell Ramsey and Dominick Lynch-Robinson as its Creative Directors, and Christiano Neves as Art Director and Copywriter.

 Saridon: Butcher


From the geniuses at BBDO Guerrero/Proximity, Philippines, comes this Clio Award-winning campaign. The billboard is actually one of the many produced by BBDO Guerrero (Persistent Headaches campaign) for Saridon, a popular analgesic.

Wear a Seatbelt

Aptly titled, this billboard is created by Esparza Advertising for the New Mexico Department of Transportation. It won a Silver OBIE award, and was actually very effective in reducing driving –related fatalities. In fact, the statistics showed that there was a 33% drop in the number of casualties due to driving accidents compared to the previous year.

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