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Offset Printing

Why Offset Printing Has a Direct Impact on Commerce

For those of us who are not in the business of printing, it is easy to take the printing service for granted. Every time we flip through the pages of a magazine or newspaper however, it is the offset printing service (a service that’s been around for hundreds of years) that’s responsible for that little pleasure of reading over a cup of coffee. And these days, the impact of offset printing isn’t only felt in publishing; it is also felt in the field of commerce.

The digital age has ushered in an era where visual imagery sells, brands and promotes any type of product or service. When there is a visual component, impressions can’t be far behind. For the market, first impressions usually make or break your product or service. That is why it is important to pay attention to even the smallest of details. Design does play a big part in capturing your intended market’s attention, but a good design won’t go very far if the printing is of poor quality. Studies have shown that potential customers have become increasingly discriminating; and a whopping 65% will not even glance cursorily at poorly made printed material. This immediately translates to your resources down the drain.

High-quality offset printing isn’t only cost-effective, it assures you that the clarity of your image is consistent and in full color (though you can opt for a black and white palette).

Why Commercial Offset Printing is Cost-Efficient

When large-scale offset printing is required for materials needed in meetings; or marketing and promotion activities, the cost of paper goes down significantly because it is ordered in bulk. In addition, the printing plates which are created based on your designs last longer, and this ultimately reduces printing cost. Plus, with the advent of new technology, the quality of the print will remain excellent no matter how high the volume.

Why Full-Color Offset Printing Will Pay Off

Most companies prefer to use full color offset printing for their brochures, catalogs or flyers. The vibrant, high-resolution colors prove more effective in catching potential customers’ attention. Why? The quality of your advertising and marketing material convinces them that you are dedicated to delivering what your business or service offers. This ultimately spells increased profit. So, it IS vital to choose the right offset printing company for your business.

At F.A. Daniels we offer offset & digital printing solutions for your corporate, marketing and advertising requirements.